Members of the Community MUST Follow these Rules at ALL Times

Random Death Match (RDM) / Vehicle Death Match (VDM):

Rule 1.1 - Attacking other roleplayers with no prior roleplay or scenarios created

Rule 1.2 - Attacking other roleplayers without any reason within RP


Rule 1.4 - Firing your weapon without any sort of interaction, is and will be considered RDM. (Even with reason, you must interact before any negative action, spraying someone down without any interaction is going to result in RDM/Fail, gang wars excluded)


Rule 2.1 - Using any game mechanic to your advantage in an unrealistic manner

Rule 2.2 - Exploiting jobs and the economy to benefit your characters progression in a way that it doesn't benefit roleplay

Rule 2.3 - Do not exploit things, such as using radio in cuffs, jumping off of prison guard towers, etc.

Rule 2.4 - Flexing U to give yourself or others an advantage in a scene will result in a powergaming ban. You are to ONLY use U in a scene that requires the transition of an ID, i.e. giving money to a mechanic, sending someone to jail, etc. Using U for anything else is a free vacation to the Bahamas.

Rule 2.5 - You are not allowed to sell/give weapons from the PD armory to anyone outside of the police or sheriff's department. This will result in an immediate ban.

Rule 2.6 - You cannot jump from guard towers to escape prison, you cannot break into prison, and you cannot give items as a prisoner to people in the waiting room

Rule 2.7 - Adding spikes, weapons, emps, kinetic weapons, sticky bombs, saw blades, cosmetic armor, or any other type of extra of this nature to your vehicle is not allowed. You may not own a vehicle with an of these extras attached.

Rule 2.8 - You are not permitted to remove/downgrade someone else's vehicle(s) of the following modifications: armor, engine, transmission, suspension, or turbo; without receiving their permission first


Rule 3.1 - Using information you did not obtain in-game (learning through discord, twitch, etc.)

Rule 3.2 - Cops must wait 15 minutes after flying in to go to an ongoing scene.

Rule 3.3 - You must NOT be in a discord call with other players in the city. This can be seen as metagaming, as you should use phone and radio in game to communicate.

Rule 3.4 - If in the city, do not go into a streamers stream that is also in the city. Even if a streamer is not in the city, do not go into a stream asking for whitelists jobs help.

Rule 3.5 - Any recruiting advertising must be done through in game or through Weazel News.


Rule 4.1 - Upon being downed during active RP, your character does not actually die (unless you decide to permanently kill off your character), but you are not allowed to return to the scene of your person being downed for at least 30 minutes. Your character forgets all events leading up to you being downed. Details about how, where, and who killed you are unknown to your person. Details can be re-informed by only a witness that was involved in the scene.

Rule 4.2 - New Life Rule does not apply to solo gameplay outside of RP. Should you be downed while farming or outside of an RP situation, you can automatically attempt to return to your body.

Rule 4.3 - PvP Deaths: Should you be downed during PvP you cannot return to the scene/location until it has concluded.

Rule 4.4 - Memory Loss: Your character forgets all events leading up to you being downed due to injury. When you get rescued by EMS, you forget who attacked/downed you. You must be a good player and accept defeat. Keep playing without wanting revenge.

Rule 4.5 - Permadeath: You cannot be forced into perma-ing your character. If you choose to perma your character, you will lose everything associated with them (ie. house, business, creatures and goods).

Rule 4.6 - Cops must value the life of hostages at all times, disregarding a 1:1 ratio for hostages to demands (within reason)

Rule 4.7 - Sending cars into the water is considered no value of life (NVL).


Rule 5.0 - All disciplinary actions will come at the discretion of the admin team.


Rule 6.1 - You must have a working microphone. You must also be on push to talk and NOT voice activation.

Rule 6.2 - You can use any voice changers, voice mods.

Rule 6.3 - You must be able to speak and understand English

Rule 6.4 - You must be 17 years old or older unless approved by an admin.

Rule 6.5 - Do not go out of character in game no matter what. If you're upset with the scene, play it out and then call and admin. Roleplay it out!

Rule 6.6 - You must fear for your life. In all scenarios you must treat the scenario as if it is real life and react appropriately. Unless the party that is being kidnapped/robbed has more people than the aggressor(s)

Rule 6.7 - You cannot scam someone for over $25,000.

Rule 6.8 - You cannot impersonate Police, under any circumstances.

Rule 6.9 - You cannot steal EMS vehicles or Firetrucks, under any circumstances.

Rule 7.1 - Upon initially selecting your race, you are not able to change it again.

Rule 7.2 - Never be toxic or disrespectful, even within RP scenarios.

Rule 7.3 - You must report all bugs you find, do not exploit them under any circumstances.

Rule 7.4 - You cannot sit AFK in the city for more than 10 minutes.

Rule 7.5 - Hitman RP / Serial Killer RP is not allowed, unless approved by a admin.

Rule 7.6 - You must change your appearance off of the default look (barber shops, clothing store). You cannot be a GTA Pedestrian.

Rule 7.7 - No Police Corruption. Police officers are not allowed to participate in activities of police corruption in a willing and knowing manner. This rule applies in either direction, for the benefit of criminals or the police departments. (DOJ follow same rules)

Rule 7.8 - You cannot give away assets (must be sold for at least 50% of full retail price)

Rule 7.9 - You cannot transfer items/cars/money from one character to another. You also cannot mule it through other people.

Rule 8.1 - You must never cop bait / gang bait

Rule 8.2 - If your car was repo'd, you must now fully pay off the loan and create a support ticket to have it placed back in your possession.

Rule 8.3 - You cannot insert yourself into an ongoing criminal scene between gangs and police.

Rule 8.4 - Keep grievances out of discord and utilize suggestions and make reports if rules are broken. Breaking rules to combat others breaking rules is still a bannable offense.

Rule 8.5 - Regardless of the situation, only utilize /assist once the RP scene has ended. Do not ruin someone's scene just because you are upset.

Rule 8.6 - Drive as you would in real life. Do not exceed insane speeds in the city, unless racing or in a chase, do not take non-off-roading cars on the mountains, etc. - Jumps are okay to do, however they must not be life threatening.

Rule 8.7 - Full body suits are not allowed in the city; masks are allowed but considered illegal.

Rule 8.8 - Only use /ME for actions, not words. You can use *thinks about* but only in a positive way. If used in a negative manner, such as *thinks about* how you suck, or something, you will be breaking this rule.

Rule 8.9 - You cannot identify someone based strictly off of voice.

Rule 9.1 - You cannot rob/take hostage in a green zone or any building that others cannot access. Green zones also cannot end RP scenarios. Do not run into a green zone for protection.

Rule 9.2 - You cannot combat log no matter the scenario, under any circumstances.

Rule 9.3 - Do not respawn (H) while in a scene. Only respawn when an EMS has deemed, or an EMS has not come. Do not respawn to get out of any scenarios. EMS is not required to revive on mountains or in water, so those would be appropriate to use the respawn.

Rule 9.4 - You cannot impersonate being a gang, however you can be a non-whitelisted group. Reminder, you must follow civilian number limits, not gang limits. Your group cannot match nor claim any sort of branding, name, unless approved by the city

Rule 9.5 - No lootboxing (looting a player without any RP intent)

Rule 9.6 - Robbery cool down (personal based, you must wait these times before acting upon another robbery of such state):

- Banks Robbery: 4 hours

- Jewelry Robbery: 3 hours

- Store Robbery: 1 hour

- House Robbery: 1 hour

Rule 9.7 - "Body cams" are able to be used by PD at all times. Crims can use dash cams that come directly from a car, or a phone. Phone animation must be deployed, or it will forfeit the footage.

Rule 9.8 - Attempted rescuing of arrested individuals/friends must only occur for crimes involving shootings. You cannot simply rescue someone for a low-level crime.

Rule 9.9 - Suicide RP is not allowed, if you wish to permanently end your characters story, you must create a scene that doesn’t look like anything was willingly

Rule 10.1 - Roleplay regarding rape, incest, sexual assault, sexual harassment or roleplay in which derogatory slurs of an ethic, racial, or of extreme offense are used is not permitted. If this is an issue that you run into, please report these incidents in a support ticket or reach out to an admin directly.

Rule 10.2 – If you are creating an arc that relies on any rules being broken, you must open an admin-support ticket and request Admin approval in advance. You will collaborate with Admin on a set of rules you agree to abide by.

Rule 10.3 - You can have no more than 2 whitelisted jobs.

Rule 10.4 - You cannot roleplay as a non-fictional person

Rule 10.5 - Dead bodies cannot be posted on twitter.

Rule 10.6 - Radio channels 1-10 are reserved for LEO and EMS